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Thursday, April 4, 2013


I warn you my people, that it’s useless and ignorant for us to trample around white people’s houses and their neighborhoods telling them to “let me have a house next door to you.” It’s ignorant. Let us tell the white man that we want a house to ourselves. That’s all I want and don’t try to prevent us. We don’t want to live in your house with you. We want the freedom to live to ourselves, now that we are awaken to the knowledge of ourselves, knowing that we are the first and the last, if there is to be a last. The Originator, we are directly from Him, and the children of the Originator of the heaven and earth. You may say, “Well me too.” No you’re not, we made you. We want to live in peace. We know that our fathers were once slaves. We don’t want to argue the question that we are your equal. We can’t be your equal until we have some of this earth that we can call our own. You built these houses that you could take them away from us even though you gave them to us, and we know that. We know that if you were to give us all we asked for in this government at the present time, we know that two years from now the next ruler could condemn it. Think over how evil this government is. They make up retractable laws. It can extent over here if you want or they can draw it up if they want. If they think it’s going to help you, they draw it up. That shows you how evil the white man is against Black people. You cannot trust them as a friend. You cannot trust them to live up to their promises. If their promises are good or in your favor, they won’t do it. Take for instance, back in 1942, me and my followers were an example to you of how the white man hates you if you go to Islam. The hate you for it. It’s not strange that they should hate you for going over to Islam, because they hated all the prophets of Islam in the past. They persecuted them and killed them, some of them. You know that to be the truth. I can’t understand why you would want to integrate with them while knowing these things. Their history is written in black and white. Now why do you want to contend with them to be one of them. How can you want to one of them? Why do you want to live next door to them? Is it because you would like to be recognized as their equal? Do you not know that you’re making a very ignorant mistake and showing no love for your enslaved parents 400 years ago. You’re showing no love for them, because these people  brought them to a naught, and we are the children from those whom they brought to a naught.  Today, look at how you see them going over the streets having clubs in their hands to bash in the skulls of your and my head. Day and night they’re out there beating on the heads of your brother and sister. They have no respect for us, only a desire to kill you. Why do you want to lie in their neighborhoods? You should be running from their neighborhoods. Since you been trying to put yourself in their neighborhoods, look at the beatings and deaths that you have received. That shows you that they didn’t intend to integrate their society. You could do so among their lower class, but when you go up to their upper class, no, “You get out of here; you’re a Negro and I hate you. You’re filthy, and you don’t know how to act in my society. Why do want to pool around their doors for them just to talk about you and fight you for coming to their door? You don’t see none of your people that you can go to?[The God-Science of Black Power (chapter 14) by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad]