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Saturday, December 31, 2016

US: Battle for minimum wage hike to intensify in 2017

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

De Kalb Councilman Willie C. Betts readying for retirement | The Daily Phalanx

It has been brought to our attention (The Daily Phalanx) through our sources, that CM Willie Betts is ready to lay it down after serving the citizens of De Kalb for over twenty years on the City Council. Mr. Betts states that he has been waiting on someone to step up and become the leader that De Kalb needs. He even wanted to resign earlier this year but didn’t due to lack of representation. Betts also stated that this would be his last year on the council. Apparently, I take it that his seat will be up for re-election in March. The Daily Phalanx has reached out to Mr. Betts so that we may get an official interview of the outgoing, long-time councilman. If you see Mr. Betts around town, thank him for his courage to stand in the gap for De Kalb, when many others were strung out on drugs or plain scared to represent their community.

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BIA moves into Bowie County | The Daily Phalanx

Black Improvement Association:
Recently, we were contacted by residents who state that they are being harassed by some in the De Kalb Police Department. De Kalb is a small town on Highway 82 between Clarksville and New Boston. Davy Crockett named the town himself. De Kalb has a long history of racial intimidation of its Black residents, which the town is known throughout Klan circles because it has a population of about 2,200 people and has four national White supremacist groups based here, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Residents were excited when we made the announcement. We hope to assist the community with justice and equity. If you or someone you know need assistance with police brutality, tenant rights, school bus, school district etc call us @ 214)702-1508 or email @

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