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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lessons from the Zionist Attack on Libya | Pakalert Press

Lessons from the Zionist Attack on Libya | Pakalert Press

“The Zionists now have not only Iraqi but also Libyan oil in their control, and it seems only a matter of time before they assume direct control over Saudi oil as well.”

by Imran N. Hosein
“. . . . they have hearts and yet do not understand, they have eyes and yet do not see, they have ears and yet do not hear; Such people are just like cattle. . . .” Qur‟an, al-An‟ām, 7:179)

Those who see with two eyes, the internal as well as the external, would recognize „Zionism‟ and „Zionist Imperialism‟ written all over the well-armed and long-planned insurrection which toppled the Libyan government. This was no spontaneous popular uprising of a people against their dictatorial ruler as the Zionist-controlled news media around the world would have us believe. Nor was the regime toppled because the people responded with rage to the regime‟s alleged slaughter of innocent protestors. That is the brain-
washing that passes for news and is swallowed by cattle as Truth.

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