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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Foreclosure : The Most Troublesome Time of My Life

Article by Brandon P. Reed

Recently, I had to walk away from the most prime possession my life, my home. I ran into financial problems due to the weak economy and started falling behind on my mortgage payments. After missing the first mortgage payment, the lender started harassing immediately. 

Then after three consecutive miss payments the lender started to threaten foreclosure. I then made the mistake of trying a loan modification and to no avail I wasn't qualified. I haven't met many people in foreclosure who were qualified for modification. Bankruptcy was unaffordable, so my next step was to try a short sale. 

I worked with a realtor, who for reasons unknowing to me couldn't get the sale done. We tried for seven months to get the short sale done. In the meanwhile I started losing hope, I was embarrassed to the fact that me and my family could possibly be on the streets soon. So at this point I stop contacting the lender, due to the fact they seemed so rude and they weren't in business to help me save my home, but to continuously make me feel subhuman. 

. Eventually that day came when I started to receive tons and tons of mail from attorneys and other foreclosure prevention specialists, claiming to help save homes. My wife and I came to the conclusion that all this wasn't worth the stress and we vacated the property. We feel so much better now, we are starting to slowly recover financially, and we have found new love.

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